Saturday, July 2, 2011

Order Confirmation

The kid is really keen on details, don't know where she gets that from (that's sarcasm). We've been talking about the baby en route before the baby was en route so I feel pretty comfortable that she is "getting it" as best as she can.  We keep talking about it though and as soon as she got the good word, her Godmother, my Aunt, sent a long some books to review - to help the kid understand about this miracle of life we have incubating. One was UBER graphic and since we are committed to telling the whole truth, I haven't really pushed the book as I don't have the strength (yet) to talk about uterus-es and such. We've been sticking to the Dora book since she is a favorite (the kid, not us). That book, however, has lead to fears that she is going to get a two for one big sister status.

At first, she loved it. It had Dora, Boots, the Map - all good. But at the end, when she comes home for her independent trip out with a monkey and a map that sings (seriously?) she comes home to find that she has TWO new babies in her house. Not one.

In all seriousness, she asks, concerned:
"Wait. There is only one baby coming home, right?? ARE YOU SURE?"

Thanks, Dora. You are the best (that's sarcasm).

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