Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Funny Valentine

This happened. My little girl.

I called the ball & chain to tell him I was running late, he had picked up L from school and by all calculations he was home. He was not. He was out. Why, you ask? He just picked the kid up from school and "ran an errand." I asked the same thing. Smart, people. And so the story goes...

"Well. After I picked up L, we went to the florist. We picked up flowers for you."
Inner monologue: WHY in the world are you busting the secret? 

"So, she carefully picked out each of the flowers. She was really into it. Then she asked if we were picking out flowers for Mary {our au pair}. Of course we did and she was very specific which flowers she wanted for her. She was into it. When we went to pay she turned to me and asked, 'but Daddy, who is going to surprise me with flowers.'"To which, his heart promptly melted. 

He had a follow up question and she had more heart melting one liners. 

Him: "L, what's your favorite flower? I don't think I know."
Her: "Um, I don't know. They're all so pretty. They make me feel so special."

Of course he was out, getting his girl some flowers to surprise her with. This kid? She's too much. And for whoever she ends up with in life? I hope they are ready for her.  

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  1. She is into it, she is into everything, she knows! Such a smart beautiful girl. Just reading this is moving. I can't imagine what it would be like to be there, adn to be her parent.


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