Monday, February 27, 2012

BE GONE: bad travel juju. Be. Gone.

I used to travel all the time for my job. Once a month or more. For the last two years, this has steadily become less and less a part of the job. And for this, I am grateful. There are lots of reasons for my gratitude, most prominent of them?

I suck at travel.

Travel sucks for me. 

Travel, can suck. It. 

It never works out. There is always some crazy ass story that if it didn't happen to me, I wouldn't believe it. Seriously. I have a whole tag on this here blog. And frankly? There is so much that goes unsaid. So much that I don't write about. It happens every time I travel, and most times I leave the house. It's a wonder I do.

What is all of this to say?

You can imagine my excitement, I'm traveling this week.

The good news? I'm grateful we can work something out to make what could be a bad situation a little less painful (literally and figuratively).  We are still at the point that JJ & I away from each other will not work. She's still nursing, and unlike it was with L, it works (well enough). They are different in so many ways, nursing is one in a never ending list of differences. Leaving for the weekend or more, is not an option. I'm grateful that we can make it work. JJ will come with me and we worked out childcare.  We went through all kinds of options, but it turned out the husband was able to take off from work.  He will be joining us with L the day after we arrive.  My brother is in the area, to help out before he gets there and we are set.

If by set you mean, I'm flying solo with JJ, who is a loose cannon.  We will likely be stuck in the bathroom row, in-between two extra large, angry, smelly people and my darling 4 year old and husband have already been bumped up to first class. Seriously, our seating arrangements are not confirmed - but the two in first class? Confirmed.

All set (my ass).

Another interesting fact? You know that long list of differences between my girls? You know the one I'm really not looking forward to testing? Travel.  The one thing I can say about all my travel BS? My kid was always dreamy. Dreamy in cars, trains, and planes. Seriously. L is a DREAM on flights. She's cute. She's funny. She's silent. A. DREAM.  You know what that means?

We are not all set, people. And if you are flying on Thursday morning and see me falling down the aisle with baby girl in tow? My apologies, pal. My. Apologies. 

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