Thursday, May 24, 2012

Holy time machine, Batman

First picture
My brain knows this isn't possible, but my heart? My heart is convinced we've tripped through some kind of time vortex. There is no way we are coming up to your 10 month pre-birthday. That means in 2 months, you'll be one year old. That's how math works.  I still don't believe it. You've been out for longer than you were in. What.The.What. 

I know your mama has been quite the delinquent reporter of your first few months, but it doesn't mean I love you any less. In fact, I don't know what it was like before you got here (almost) 10 months ago. You are loving. You are funny. You are a character. You.Are.Trouble.


Eg as the smarties say.... we have a box of child proofing gear that we barely ever opened for your big sister. She just didn't get into things. She wasn't an angel, but she didn't put anything in her mouth, she didn't hang on things, pull on things, chew on things, tear up things (with the exception of magazines)... like someone I know {I'm looking at you, if that wasn't obvious kid.} She was just slightly more chill. Just did her thing. Now, you do your thang - but it's just totally slightly more destructive spirited. The things that I find in your mouth? Startling. Sometimes dangerous, sometimes just straight up weird. Like the two random dried up and dead ladybugs I fished out of your mouth just the other day. Sa-weet. 

You are your own someone and we love that about you. Even if your someone is some one who hoards food in their mouth like an adorable hamster.  Girly, you are getting SO big already. On one hand it's just yesterday that we met you - but we've known you forever.

Love you much kid, even if you have brought us through some time traveling conundrum.

Most recent picture.
What? Do I have something on my face??? 

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