Monday, July 2, 2012

I thought parrots were smaller?

Lately L's been a bit more dangerous to be around, in terms of what she repeats. Some things, you wish she wouldn't pick up, she does and others she can't grasp - you wish she would. Pretty much a typical parenting conundrum. 

In my last post, I mentioned that my kid may or may not be working on a British accent. Maybe this is a Midwestern accent?  This happens lately. She sees something or hears something and tries to replicate it.

The day of the video she was bombarded with accents. In a commercial she watched on a loop for 10 minutes, watching Nanny McFee, and then later on Brave.

Side story: a week or so ago, L became obsessed with a commercial. I don't know when she saw it or how (see: terrible parenting trend), but I needed to find it. She kept talking about it. I HAD to find it on YouTube to make it stop. Here's how she explained it: "He throws the mail at the door. Well he opens the door. And then the man says 'Oye!" I took it to Facebook and got my answer. Here's her reaction to the commercial.

Here's the thing, beyond the accent. She repeats things too, sometimes with the accent sometimes, without. Sometimes she repeats things wrong.  All times, it's hilarious. 

Examples include but not limited to:
  • Her new go to word is, "Oye." Thank you {sarcastic font}, Richard Branson and your Virgin Mobile commercial. I thought it was annoying when she just kept repeating over and over again the barely descriptive description. "You know what I'm talking 'bout, Mama? He throws the mail at the door. Well he opens the door. And then the man says 'Oye! You know???" NO, I DO NOT KID!!!!! Now? Everything. Is. OYE. She drops something, "oye." She wants something, "oye." She uses it as a replacement to words like: so, but, the, huh, what - really the list goes on.

  • I was watching Bunheads. It's The Gilmore Girls, with ballet instead of post-teenage pregnancy. It's about teenagers in ballet (and other stuff) and it's on ABC Family. So of course they talk about sex {sarcastic font}.  Awesome.  L was in the other part of the living room, I thought she wasn't paying attention.

    10 minutes later, she's playing pretend - I hear her conversation.

    "You have sex. Don't have sex. They had sex. Sex. Sex. Sex."
    Fine that last part didn't happen, but she was talking about sex, a lot. I asked where did she hear that (full well knowing where she got it).  Of course, she said the television, to which I could do the only thing I could.

    "NO! They didn't say that. They said SIT. Don't sit! They are sitting. Because they are dancing, and they don't want anyone to sit."

    "OHHHH, that makes sense, Mama."

  • We saw Brave the other day. It is a lovely movie, a bit scary at parts, but great. It takes place in Scotland, the visuals are amazing - but the accents were hard for her to follow sometimes. It's all about a princess who wants to change her fate. She seeks out the help of a witch to help with a spell. A spell is cast on her mother - to change her fate. On our way home from the movie, this happens:

    "Mama. I'm curious. Why did she ask the witch for help? Why did she want to change her mom's feet?"

    The whole time, home girl thought it was about the Queen's feet.  To be fair, if you look at it literally, the spell did change the Queen's fate & feet.

  • We drove to a pizza place the other day. And despite being there a 100 times, I still have to use my GPS. As I opened the door for her to go in and grab dinner, she waltzes into the restaurant and screams. "We have REACHED our destiny!" in the perfect GPS voice.

All of this is to say, watch yourself around my kid. She has a memory that is long and she is not afraid to use it (against you). I shudder to think that she's running around camp telling people to not have sex. I mean, good message, kid but perhaps not the best one for you to be delivering.

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