Saturday, August 4, 2012

To be filed under: No. That's not weird, at all.

The Friday we found out we were moving, we told family, a few friends, and emailed our landlords. 


One of my biggest worries was we wouldn't be able to find someone to pick up the balance of our lease agreement. Maybe I haven't mentioned, we didn't expect to move this soon. In our heart, and in our contracts. Even though it's only been a year and change, I forgot. It's freaking hard to find a place to live around here.

Long story short: I posted on Craigslist - and the phone lines started to blow up.  I only made two appointments, and it was painful. Sure, I got to practice the skills that I have honed in on based on years of overdoing HGTV - but it was heartbreaking. I may or may not have stated, "There are beautiful built ins, a working fireplace, and the light fixtures stay." File that under, duh. But they are lovely and I wanted to confirm.

The body wasn't even cold yet, and we were passing her (the house) off to the first to respond. It was heart wrenching, and as excited I was to meet possible young families who might be residing in our (current) abode - I kept comparing us to them. Would the neighbors like them more? Probably. Would they appreciate the porch the way we do? Probably, not. Would they love the arches in each room? Who knows. Would they hang ceramic animal heads in the dining room? No. They will not, and they will certainly regret that.

Then I realized something, very important: it's not important. Also? Some of the people are weird, even if the neighbors like them better, they don't appreciate the house the way we do, or have the same decorating (superior) style. This interaction happened, and has (slightly) made me feel better about the whole thing. 

In the midst of my poor man's interpretation of House Hunters was introducing the kids and the au pair.

"Does she come with the house, too?"

I laughed.

Then I quickly realized? He wasn't kidding.

You know what. As jealous as I am, and as protective as I seem to be over this house? These people be cray. Their weirdness? Makes me (somewhat) less jealous. But let's be real: it just makes it easier to judge - because I'm petty and lashing out.

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