Thursday, September 6, 2012

NumbErs - the E is for exhausted

How do I begin to tell you where we've been and what we've been up to? I'm big on numbers, so lets let the statistics speak for itself.
  • The time from when we found out the move was happening to physically being in Cleveland: 37 days. 
  • This includes a weekend trip visiting the Cleve (for the 1st time, one trip driving "straight" for 12 hours): 4 days.
  • The work weeks (within those 37 days = 5 weeks+) the ball & chain was working in Cleveland: 2 weeks.
  • The days (within those 37 days) I was away for work in Boston: 4 days - including my baby's birthday, the first time I was ever away from her.
  • If you are following the math, of the 37 days, at least one of us were not home for a collective: 20 days.
  • The amount of time the movers aggravated me, 17 days - and counting.
  • The weekend we moved, we drove in a car with: 3 adults, 1 dog and 2 children. 
  • We traveled 585 miles in 2 days, across 4 states.
  • The number of gigantic (like more than 4 stories) crosses we passed: 2. 
  • We had 2 moving trucks, 1 that was lost for a few days. DAYS.
  • 10 days after we moved, we traveled to the Northeast for 6 days. 
  • During those 6 days, we drove 611 miles, across 4 states (never mind flying 400+ miles each way).
  • Patience and understanding levels are at a solid: 0.
More, later.

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