Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dear baby girl, 

Septembers 2007 - 2012
You are five years old. Five years old and a few days.  WHAT? I cannot even believe it (you say that a lot). You are brilliant. No, seriously. You are supa shmart.  You are funny, you love to "do" accents - but you are horrible at it, like yo mama.  You are caring, sensitive, the best.little.girl.ever. But you aren't a little girl, I swear you are tween (in the best way possible).  Holy crow, you are a good freaking kid. You love your sister so incredibly. It's almost unbelievable. 

Good lord, you can talk. You used to not talk, we were told we'd need some early intervention - that we needed someone to help you learn how to talk. And then? All of a sudden? You.wouldn't.stop.  And I love it. Though sometimes, if I'm being entirely honest, Mama could stand for a break, girl. 

Your hugs? Are ridiculous.  You are our (one of) everything. With your ridiculous laugh, and your loving heart, and your smart little self. You are beautiful. Inside and out. And hope for you, my little bug, that one day and everyday you know this. And when you don't? We'll be here to remind you. 

Love you much. Love you always.
Mama, Daddy & JJB (& Abelle, too)

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  1. You have a Colombian girl who loves you so much too. I feel blessed to have known you :D


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