Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kitchen renovations

Do you remember those catalogs of toys you would go through? I believe it was Toys"R"Us and Sears or something? The paper was thin and with each category of toys there were be a new color bar at the top. It was glorious. I wish my kids would be able to experience this. Oh, the JOY of getting my grips on that mammoth catalog. It's sad. Now, there is an app for that. And frankly, let me be so bold as to say, Toys"R"us... it ain't great. You've saved all that paper - the least you can do is include the same amount of toys. It's all ads, not everything. I've been in a Toys"R"Us, I know.

Over Thanksgiving, the kid used the app to look through toys. It is neat to be able to just click a toy and put it on your wish list, or Santa's list as it were. I miss folding paper, and circling toys - but whatever. In going through her 98 selections, as she felt the need to speak for her sister, I noticed a few things.
  • Two, count them, TWO motorized cars. Both for JJ, of course. 
  • Countless princesses, some I'm fairly sure she has. 
  • Games, many games, including but not limited to a gems like: Doggie Doo Game. True. Doggie.Doo. 
  • A new play kitchen.
Some of these things I can easily talk her down from.

Me, "Babe, we are not getting cars for kids. That's not happening. I will let Santa know that. I override your list, true story."
Her, "Yea, maybe it's a bad idea. But it's what JJ wanted...."
Me, "No."
Her, "Ok."
Me, "Sweetie, we have that princess. We don't need duplicates of princesses, you know? Why don't you choose ONE princess to ask Santa for?"
Her, "Ok, Mommy."
Me, "Um. No. This game, no. This can't be for kids. It's for kids. Well, no."
Her, "Is it inappropriate? Does it say bad words?"
Me, "No. It's gross... sorry."
Her, "Ok, Mama."

The kitchen, she held onto.

Me, "Hon, we have a kitchen. Let's try to stick to things we don't have, just like the princesses, ok?"
Her, "Well, I don't have that kitchen."
Me, "No, but you have A kitchen."
Her, "Yea, but... my kitchen? Doesn't have a microwave. I NEED a microwave."
Touche, my dear. Touche. So guess what? Would you believe they sell TOY microwave? They do. And home girl is getting an add on, not a full on renovation.

I win. Santa wins.

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