Sunday, June 2, 2013

To be filed under/ another reason I have a hard time making friends: I judge.

Our neighborhood has an "active" FB group. Sometimes it's great. Often times people are selling items or giving them away - we got a jogging stroller for free! Not for me, because I don't run unless I'm being chased, but the ball&chain has been running again so it'll be great for the babe. There is local yard sale information or call out for help. Like the other day when an adorable old dog was found in my yard. I had to call the city to pick him up but I wanted to try & find his owner. I named him Chewy and the long story short is while the owner was out looking for the pup, she asked someone who had seen the picture that I posted in the group. Due to that picture, Chewy was picked up by his owner. Side note, his real name is Buster. But he'll always be Chewy to me.

Sometimes local events are posted or local business recommendations. Most times? It seems to be about animal poop. Dogs not being curbed, cats roaming free. We live in a nice neighborhood that is basically the poop police.

True story: one guy said he was going to be posting pictures of non-dog curbing offenders. This dude is basically going to hide in a bush and take a picture if you don't pick up after your dog. Watch out. Cause people around here have time like that.

Currently there is a ridiculous, angry, passion filled discussion about cat poop.  There is a 33 deep comment string, ranging from one liners like "Cat diapers should solve everything. You're welcome." and paragraphs about the "invasive species" of cats in our neighborhood FB group. And the poor girl who is clearly not a cat person then gets attacked and questioned in terms of why she is in this piece of poop police blotter (as apparently she doesn't actually live in the neighborhood). ALL I want to do is hit reply and say things like:
  • For a state where the presidential votes are depended on or weighed heavily - this is your big issue? Seems like crap. {ba-dum-cha I'm here all night. Or 2 more years, unfortunately.}
  • So what I'm getting here is if I kill the cat OR I save the cat - I am 50% likely to find a friend among you. What if I don't care - either way? Does that make me the outsider? 
  • If I technically live in this neighborhood, but I absolutely don't care about this issue: would you attack me? Or just those that disagree with those inside the coveted neighborhood. 
  • Cats are the devil's pet.
To be filed under/ another reason I have a hard time making friends: I judge.

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