Saturday, July 27, 2013

Catching up - barely

Holy hell. It's only been a month - maybe two but so much has happened I don't even know where to begin.

In no particular order, because I don't know how to keep track.
  1. My baby is no longer in Kindergarten. SAY.WHAT. 

  2. My baby baby is no longer a baby - she's two. WHAT THE WHAT?
  3. The summer is here and we are working it out to make it fantastic.
    Dinners outside and spent loving.

  4. We took a 2 week vacation, haven't done that - almost ever.
  5. Related: the Jersey Shore is not just for trancing and MTV reality shows. It's magical.  More magical than the magic capital of the world.
  6. Related to the 2 week vacation, we did so by way of a 10 hour road trip - each way.
    Local fun - and Google photos makes gifs? All good.
  7. We are making friends - or trying to. It's hard work.
  8. Took JJ to her first real movie. We all survived. It was very much like her sister - popcorn is key.
  9. We have our first lost tooth. After weeks of wiggling and throwing up in my mouth (it's a horror show - loose teeth) we have one down, one to go that is loose. In the meantime? She has shark teeth - rows of teeth coming in it's horrifying.

  10. There are so many real stories within these small
    Summer outside movie fun.
     line items. So many stories to tell - but we're busy. Livin. Put that on a magnet. Pin it.

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