Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Scholar vs. Clairvoyant

I interrupt this unplanned - can't get my act together to update - blogging hiatus to give you this. 

In walking through the book store the other day - this happened:

Me, "You know what we should start to get, kid?"
Her, "What?"
Me, "Some chapter books - I think you are ready for longer stories!"
Her, "Oh yea. I'm also going to start reading minds."
Me, ....
Her, "What?"
Me, "What did you say??"
Her, "Reading mind."
Me, .....
Her, "What?"
Me, "Sorry. What do you mean?"
Her, "You know. When you read. IN your mind."
Me, "Ohhh - you are going to start reading IN your mind - so reading to yourself."
Her, "Yes (irritated and in an oh so scary mini-me-like familiar tone). That's what I said, I'm going to start reading minds."

For someone who is in fact ready to read to herself & read chapter books - she really needs to learn that adding or leaving out certain words in a string of words (sentence) matter.

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