Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bar Hopping: The Next Generation

There was a time, not so long ago, that we would take a weekend afternoon and go out and about. These days out would turn into an impromptu bar crawl. It's been quite awhile since we've done that. I thought those days were long behind us, never to return, until Saturday.

We spent the afternoon visiting. We had some friends visit in the morning, the MacGuires. They got to hang with L, brought the freaking cutest monkey stuffed animal and had some lunch. (Side note: I've become a stuffed animal freak. When did that happen? A grown woman be more excited about cuddly creatures than the kid? It's wrong. I know it is, but I can't help it.) Then the Raymonds came from the far far away land of Nueva York. A sight we didn't know we would see. We quickly learned that our apartment, as fun as it is, is nowhere near close to being ready for a mobile child. With in 4 minutes he was climbing our bookcases like an indoor rock climbing wall.

While we had all the right intentions, errands to run, things to do- instead we decided to go for a walk. A walk turned into stopping into a new place we found to sneak out of the cold, which turned into a drink, which turned into a bar crawl. With a baby.

We needed to take a break from the cold, and when we did, why not warm up with a drink? A little appetizer? A drink, turns into many, and L couldn't have been having more fun. As we made our way home, we rinse and repeated. The girl likes to bar hop, are you surprised? Who said everything has to change once you have a baby? Life just needs to be altered a smidge.

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