Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dissatsified Customer

Dear God,

I'm writing to you in regards to my recent experience with one of your representatives. I'm sure you know this, seeing as you are all knowing, however I felt it important to document my dissatisfaction with my experience.

I have been a customer of yours for 28 years. While not always a consistent patron, I am in the business to be a repeat customer for the foreseeable future or until my youngest completes his or her confirmation. From there, you'll be sure to hear from me upon the announcement of engagement by one of my children. At that time, I will act like a faithful client as if I never left. I keep in touch though, so it's not like you never hear from me. I call, I visit- more than most! I would think, based on recent news coverage that does not bode favorable for your business, the least I could receive is an experience that feels somewhat cooperative. Instead I have gone through nothing short of constant hoop jumping.

I won't rehash all the drama we had to go through to find a church to marry us- the letters, the phone calls, the classes. We found a good church, even though the only reason we got in was due to nepotism. Maybe I would understand if we weren't returning to the very same establishment or if years had passed and new priests had come to town. I don't understand, because for Your sake, it's been a year!!!! We want to have L christened at the same church we were married in. The same Priest is there- how is it we have to once again produce letters that state we are Catholic and can have our daughter baptised in a church. It's a year later. What kind of horrible Catholic could we have become in one short year???

Now here is where my current compliant comes in. After all the hoopla to get the stamp of approval to have L baptised in NY, to avoid the pilgrimage to Boston from our family, we have fulfilled all that we were told we needed to. Several calls where made to check and double check dates, times and permission slips needed. Everything that was necessary was sent with a letter asking for a confirmation call to let me know that I was given clearance for the blessed event. I received no such call. When I called to make sure that everything was good to go, I received contradictory information, from the same person that I have spoken to several times previously- that married us, for Your sake. After a confusing and high levels of frustration- we got the final confirmation that L can come on the originally agreed upon date. Before he hangs up, he informs me that the God Parents need letters too. What's with all the letters? Honestly. Even after all the calls and all the questions- what else will we need? Now he decides they need letters too, and when I tried to explain they were God Parents already- they've been cleared for G'Parenting. Nope, no good, no dice- letters are still needed "just to confirm they are still good Catholics."

I sat there and listened to this ridiculousness and the continued run around and I smiled. I wanted to be sarcastic and give him a piece of my mind, I did less paperwork to get into college! It's all I could do was to ask him to speak with his manager. Instead I decided to contact his Superior, which is what brings this letter to you. It's over, letters are being put together and the christening will likely take place with out a hitch. Change your policies, big man. We want to be part of your club, but do you have to make it so hard and convoluted? Help a girl out.

Many Thanks,
You know who.

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