Monday, December 1, 2008

Destination Weddings are the BEST!

I recently sent the following email out to friends & family. I had to share - I'll get out the story and details of our trip up shortly - but as a teaser here is the email. At the bottom I am compiling the replies back that I've gotten. I'll put them all together at the end and send them along to Granny & Jim - they are going to get a kick out of some of the well wishes and comments!
Better than best is attending your grandmother's wedding, is having your daughter's first wedding be her great grandmother's big day! Over Thanksgiving break my dad's side of the family all made the trip to St. Croix for a big family event. Here are a few pictures I wanted to share!
Granny & her three sons (my dad (w/glasses), Uncle Peter & Uncle Martin).
The Coleman's went out to dinner for Granny's bachelorette party!
L at the beach!
On our back porch in her itsy bitsy teeny weenie blue palm tree bikini!
Wedding Day!

Uncle Martin & Aunt Jennifer- oldest brother & wife – he gave Granny away and she was her matron of honor!
L as a dancing QUEEN! Here with Uncle Chris (brother) & Granny

The day after the wedding we went on a snorkel trip –check out the love birds!
A FEW more of L at the beach.
The comments... some had to be cleaned up for G rating reasons... not usually a censor, but some and you know who you are... not right.
  • There is no way she is in her 80s. What a hot mama!
  • You come from great genes!
  • Thank you for sharing – this is the best, you have awesome genes!
  • Awww tooo cute!! Jealous about the beach looks amazing!!
  • What a wonderful Thanksgiving...thank you for sharing…
  • Thank you, soooo cute J Hope it all went well. Any crazy stories about your younger brother?
  • Love it!!! Great story and great photos…thanks for sharing!
  • Awwww…. Granny looks fresh in her wedding dress! What a fabulous adventure!
  • LOVE these!
  • Other than the last pics of L – I LOVE the snorkel pic. It never is too late!!!
  • I love this so much that I cannot even stand it!
  • Jenn - that is GREAT! Go Granny!! Not only does your Grandmother look FABULOUS for 81 but she gives me hope as a single female!! Thanks for sharing. Lilly looked adorable as always too!
  • This is great - Love the pics.
  • How sweet! Thanks for sharing! I suppose there is still hope for me to find love after all :-)
  • Wonderful photos and Congratulations! How cool is that- the place in St Croix is gorgeous -my last trip to St Croix was in 1978-long time ago but I love that island! I remember the Buccaneer- OK this is how bad I was- went down for spring break for one week and stayed for two! We had a great time! So glad you were able to share this special day with your grandmother! Amazing- and she is gorgeous and so is L!
  • That is AWESOME! I'm so jealous! Noticed your tan… was wondering where you spent thanksgiving. Fia has the same surfer swim suit as Lily-from Oldy navy in the last pictures!Rock on GREAT grandma!
  • I want to get married in St. Croix..... Looks like fun :)
  • omg that wedding looks AMAZING. your granny is a hot ticket!
  • I just have one question….does the groom have a brother? I need to marry off my mom and stop her internet dating!
  • That's awesome!! Thanks for sharing and glad you had a great time!!!
  • I love your Granny, she's so cool, and you should frame that pic of L on the balcony, I love it
  • Grandma looks AMAZING!! What is her secret? No way she is 81!!! Damn.
  • Awesome!!! Those are great pictures. J I especially love the two love birds on the snorkeling trip. What a pretty place to get married. I'm glad she's found happiness and smokin' hot love!
  • love the pics! did you have fun?!?!?! I was thinking about you guys! can't wait to hear the stories!
  • She's fabulous! I LOVE HER!
  • OMG love it...thanks for sharing so soon - we have all been dying to hear all about it!!
  • Coleman, those were great. Everyone looks soo happy! What a great way to spend Thanksgiving. Hope you and the fam are doing great!
  • OMG!!!!!! that email just made my day. First of all, man you got good genes on your dad's side of the family!!! Holy cow, 81 and looks AMAZING!!! Second, so jealous that you were just on a vacation somewhere tropical! How was the flight with the babe?
  • Looks like so much fun!!! Congrats to Granny and the new hubby!
  • Looks great! My grandmother eloped when she was 78, I wish she had gotten married there! Lily looks so much like you, so cute (her not you!). Thanks for sharing,
  • I am sooo jealous. Let me tell you- Granny is Beautiful and so is your big girl! I agree- give me a destination wedding any day!!!
  • I loved these pictures!
  • These are awesome!! Grannie is a hot little number and how damn cute are they???
  • So cute. And what a beautiful wedding! You are blessed.
  • You come from a damn good looking family!! (not to mention really tan one too!!) I’m jealous, while you were chilling on the beach, I was literally chilling (it was FREEZING!) in Germany!
  • How awesome is this! Hope I have your great grandma's spunk. How'd she meet the lucky guy?
  • I want to vacation with the Colemans!!! And seriously, I hope I look as good as your grandmother at 80+!!! She's hot

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