Saturday, December 13, 2008

That Girl

Each year before our holiday party at work we get the "don't be that girl" speech. For the most part, while I do love to have a few too many, I'm never in danger of being labeled that girl. I'll leave that the 22 year olds. You won't find me passing out in the loo or vomiting in a manager's shoe. I'm good like that.

This fine holiday party I had a premonition and like all of my gut instincts I should have listened to that voice. I hushed that voice and went on my way to enjoy the night. I tripped the night fantastic and took the dance floor by storm. I dropped it like it's hott with the new team I work with and in an instant the fun became panic as I had a very real wardrobe malfunction.

As I danced with the young beauties of the company I work with my wrap dress became unwrapped, the very fear I had uttered earlier was now a reality. Now it's one thing to flash people at work (I think) but with the control tops hiked high and the tank top I was wearing under the dress (thanks be to Jesus) rolling up to meet right under my girls with the young thangs I get to face everyday is another thing. If me & my mom friends were playing doctor and showing each other the effects of the miracle of life - OK fine. My experience not quite the same thing. I could have hung my head low and ran home. I did what any girl having the honor of being "that girl" would do - I ran around and shared the story with as many people who would listen. This includes the CEO of the company I work with.

"Oh Yenn, you are the funnest person I know!"

Like I had a choice in the matter.

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