Saturday, December 6, 2008

How Granny Got Her Groove Back*

It isn't everyday you board a plane to St. Croix to attend your grandmother's wedding. It should be, but it's not. A few years back Granny made the move to Spring Lake to a grand ol'place called the E&S.

Ever see that movie, where the girl moves and doesn't know anyone. She moves to a strange place maybe one she always wanted to visit or go to - and there is a boy next door... wouldn't you know that she is Granny? Her across the hall neighbor ended up being the one, Prince Charming.

Fast forward through months of courtship and just under a year of engagement, Granny married her true love on Mermaid Beach.

The Colemans & Schroeders came together on the crazy island and hope reunion it out at some point. You think getting together two families anything could happen and it did - but mostly all good in the hood. We didn't have the entire Coleman clan in check, but for the majority so that was a win.

I'm getting ahead of myself - my brother met C, L & I in Miami. We met him at his gate, because regardless of his age, I still felt he was a minor traveling with out parental supervision. I felt my fears to be true while I watched him waiting as the plane deboarded. I was shocked as he stood there and waited, what could he be standing there for??

The majority of the Coleman's piled out of the plane. A good majority of the clan hails from Montana. They took a connection meeting up with the remaining Colemans making the trek not yet on the island. 10 of us boarded the plan to St. Croix as the Guarros took their rightful place in First Class, cause we know how to travel the blue blooded "Colemans" did what only we know how to do. Order up the cocktails because it was going to be a bumpy flight. Godbless the Colemans they don't check baggage which as a habitual over packer I stand in awe of such an accomplishment.

That's just one of the things I found out that week. We spent the week learning a lot of things about each other - getting reacquainted with family that we haven't seen in upwards of 10+ years and family that would now be joining our nutty bunch. It's an amazing thing to spend time, not only at dinners, holidays or cab rides- but physically at bars hanging out having a beer with people when last you saw them were not even in the double digits yet.... just entering kindergarten perhaps. I learned that family be it blood lines or through marriage is a special bond that time, politics (everyone is a Republican. Staunch straight up Republic... the Bostonians were frightened for our life), religion, or not even really knowing each other can not change what family is. I still cry at needless things, in needless times, and because I am now and forever will be a crier. I also learned that encouraging your daughter to speak is great but comes with flaws of interpretation.

Example: L began to say SIT in St. Croix, unfortunately it sounds unmistakably like shit. You can imagine our pride.

The days leading up to the big event were filled with beach time, swimming, pool & eating. My cousins, uncle & brother were all over the place with football, golf, kayaking, swimming (2 miles at minimum in the ocean waters), working out, playing tennis - if it was exhausting, they were there. C & I concentrated on our biceps and curled a few Bud Lights from time to time.

Quote: "It's 12 pm somewhere."

The first night we all went out to dinner, for Granny's bachelorette party as we gathered to leave, C & I realized we were on the 'other side' of the road. With all the old people. Sorry, but true. The kids were going out and we were not. With my precious daughter in hand, I looked around horrified to realize we would not be joining the fun. It was right around this time that I threw my child to Cami & Poppa and asked, as we ran away, if it would be alright if they watched the offspring for a few. They said yes, of course, with out a bottle or pajamas or a toy in sight. We didn't really plan for such an outing, but my grandmother says she'll always remember the sight of us skipping down the road to catch up with the group highfiving the crew when we arrived excited to be 'one of the cool kids' for just one night. Don't judge, I wanted to give Granny a memory.

Granny & Jim got married in the afternoon on the beach. When the minister asked the families if we take each other from this day forward in partnership of Rita & Jim we all said "I do" and L raised her fist in the air while screaming "YEAH!" It could have been her new 'sit' trick... so I was pretty pleased with the "YEAH!"

The setting was perfect, the couple was perfect, the flowers, the programs, the dress, the wedding party - it was all perfect. What made it perfection, more than anything, was the happiness that radiated from Granny & Jim. It's the kind of things movies are made of.

It was a great time had by all and not a bad way to spend Thanksgiving! Hope everyone had a great holiday, but I guarantee you didn't have the stories we had!

*I can't take credit for the hott title... I totally stole that from my cousin!

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