Monday, March 2, 2009

Ski Bunny or Grim Reaper

Every year I have the opportunity to hit the slopes and every year I think it's going to be great idea. It's going to be so much fun, it's beautiful outside, the fresh air, the activity, the laughing, the fun we will have. For the most part, sans the years I was preggers or with a newborn, I decide to take the plunge. And every year I come to the realization that I hate skiing. I hate being cold, I hate wearing tight boots, I hate falling, I am not coordinated, I am not athletic, the list goes on. I do love drinking beer and laughing, so why don't I just call it a day and meet the group at the bar?

This year C & I went a-skiing with friends & an extended group and tried our luck on the slopes. Why didn't we just cal it a day and meet the group at the bar? It wasn't fun nor funny - well the weekend was, but skiing not so much. We had a couple of great runs (that's what the ski bunnies call it), but for the most part I just longed for the day to be over. That was until the day found us at snow tubing.

The best time ever! Tubing is piss your pants funny.

One group (three large men) went down a hill tied together. As soon as they headed down the hill the 12 year old pull us down the first way of the hill said, "Ah oh. They sure are going fast." Turns out the tween knew what he was talking about. The three (heavily accented New Yorkers) stooges took flight as they hit the black ice. The flew down the hill, past the rubber mats (that are supposed to slow you down) and through the orange fence "blocking" the hill that goes down to a creek. Hilarious.

Pee your pants hilarious.

We (luckily) weren't going through the fence, although we rarely stopped at the mats. While we didn't go over the edge we did clip a few teens as we came down the hill. We screamed (C like a woman) to move out the way, but alas they didn't anticipate our speed.

The stories from the weekend and hilarium to follow is a bit too much to write out (at this point a week looking back) but the pictures (some) are fun and some are just fuzzy since they were on my phone.

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