Monday, March 30, 2009

Winnie's Honey Pot

Thanks be to Hayzeus the weather is warm! Over the weekend after brecky we took the show on the road. We had a glorious day with flip flops, playgrounds, and iced coffee. Flops & coffee for me, playgrounds for the babe. It was a long and lovely day ending at the mall. A quick bite to eat filled with baby haters looking at us as if we were letting the child throw her diaper in their New England chowder.

After we truly exhausted both our self and the child I thought it would be a super idea to walk from dinner to the kick shopping. Of course through out the walk homeslice she would crumble to the ground... until I saw the Disney Store. I thought it would be perfection. Disney, Mickey, fun fun fun. She was enamored by the toys, by the mouse by it all.

I turned around for a second, as the famous last words are uttered she was gone. Literally in a circle, turned and she was gone. While I would imagine I would be wordless fear took over and I started screaming like a madwoman - asking everyone who could hear or see me questions they could not answer. Where is the baby? L! Where is L?! And in the face of man, I'm certain (after the event) did speak English, slowly I screamed in his face, "H -a-v-e y-o-u s-e-e-n t-h-e b-a-b-y?" Ever so slowly. He looked at me like I was crazy. As crazy as I felt in not be able to find her. And she is little bitty and doesn't speak English - so would she come if I called? So I screamed louder.

And here I thought the worst was over and it is just beginning. In the moment I honestly saw news broadcasts and L's picture being plastered on the glimpse of of the news that I barely watch in between Law & Order and Sex in the City. Ticker tape on the bottom of my TV screen and crying in C's arms wondering where my baby girl is. Seconds felt like minutes which felt like hours. Where is my baby?!?!

Just as I felt my knees get weak, there her little head popped. Out from around Winnie's Honey Pot, right across from where Tigger was doing a hand stand. She waddled out from behind the pot and I was able to breath again.

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