Wednesday, March 18, 2009

WWF Baby

I always thought that when L grows up, what will she be. I have thought I would support whatever her little heart desires. What if, though, she becomes a WWF wrestler? That certainly seems to be what is in the stars. Homeslice skillfully jumps into or on anything, whaling herself into just about anything. Pillows, blankets, playmates, if it can catch her fall she's on it. Last night as I prepped the Stone Cold L Diggity for bath time we went along our business. Take off the diaper, run the water, start heating the bottle, the routine. As I got post-bath time ready, I start to hear her practicing her moves. Jumping and landing on the wood floors. This time, different than her typical dare devil moves she has a little help. Thanks to my bright idea of time with out a diaper. (It was only going to be nakey time for a hott minute and it turned out to be a hott mess.)

Homegirl was clotheslining the dog and finishing her moves by throwing herself into her pee. Classy little girl I have, the whole while laughing up a storm as she fell. Not quite the kind of reaction I saw during our trip to the park recently.

*No babies were harmed in the making of this film. The last wipe out looks worse than it is.


  1. OMG - this video is so cute and I totally love the "blair witch" cinematography at the end with the camera focused to the corner and hearing her cry.

  2. C says her hair looks like a blairwitch project. I could have cut that last part out but for some reason I find it hilarious. What you don't see is when I ask her if she wants to go home - she is crying and shaking her head (yes). I pick up the camera/shut it off... and as we are making our way out of the park she turns around and high tails it back to the slide. She tries to get up the stairs, again.


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