Saturday, October 24, 2009

Not the Whole Story

Today I went to a baby shower - one of my BFFs / roomies / home girl/ sister all the above and etc. Another one of us is biting the dust and turning into a family. The moms around the table told tales of the offspring, the good the bad the ugly. Mostly the ugly.

On the drive home I started thinking about it. Boy did we talk about the ugly. It got ugly ugly - all birth story and sht. Never pretty. And not even my whole dang story, but we had three not so usual experiences.

I'm thinking we just sterilized 3 potential mommas. Not 100% but wouldn't be surprised. For some reason we focused on the non working epidurals, the poop and lack of sleep.

We didn't really talk about all the feel good, warms your heart and makes you crook your head to the right sighing "awwwe." We didn't talk about that unexplainable love, feeling complete, getting hugs and giving them, when your baby learns how to give you noseys or how to say "love you" (today ... she said I love you. First time. 10/24/2009). We didn't talk about snugging, or singing songs or dancing. The good times, the funny, warm & fuzzies.... nope just non working epidurals, the poop and lack of sleep.

I decided to video coming home. Quick. Easy. And my very own "awwwe." Wish I got the first I love you, but I'm thinking actions speak louder than words.

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  1. Yea Jess seemed like she was trying to backpedal big time. The rest just looked horrfied. Good Times. I'm just glad I was out of earshot!! :)


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