Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Simple Things

2 months ago a movie came out that I desperately wanted to see. To be able to see the movie, I needed to finish the book. The Time Traveler's Wife was out and I had to read the book first. First I had to start it.

I went to over 4 book stores to find the book. While each store HAD the book, none of them had the book with out a shout out that said "Made into a motion picture" OR with a picture of the film's movie poster instead of the original cover. Little known fact about me, book covers are important to me.

I finally purchase the book, read it and plan to go to see the movie in September. Instead of going to the movie, I get fall down drunk the day before and instead of going to the movies I have to work on a Saturday later than I thought I would because I got a late (way late) start. No movies for me.

In Connecticut, there is ONE movie theatre playing it, 30 minutes away. I decide I'll take Thursday & Friday off. Turns out I don't take the full day off - I'll take 1/2 Thursday, full Friday. Turns into no Thursday, full Friday... turns out I'll do 1/2 Friday.

I leave in the nick of time to arrive to the movie theatre (30 minutes away) - but can't find the movie theater. According to my GPS - I keep missing it. Back and forth I go until I see an abandoned strip mall.

I go in and drive through only to see a sign, by the looks of it printed out by a color printer on it's last leg of color cartridge. By following the sign, I find another sign. A wood plank salvaged from a junk yard with red paint stating... the "Cinema is OPEN."


After making my way through the pot hole aka the parking lot I walk in with minutes to spare for the 1pm showing.... that was until the ticket sales person, popcorn counter person and clean up crew (all the same person) informed me, through one side of her mouth, with drool dripping and one eye going in one direction and the other going in another... that the show started at 12pm.

Wouldn't you know - they didn't update their online account ... strange. With the titles of the movies hanging off of the marque and pot hole filled parking lots in movie theatres behind buildings where serial killers go to soothe their inner demons... this place doesn't update their movie times.

Back home I went, only to turn around a few hours later to see the movie. I'd give the movie a B-, popcorn a surprising B, accomplishing my goal A+. Ahh the (not so) simple things.

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