Thursday, October 15, 2009

Travel Hex

Picture it. 9 am Sunday morning. A glorious day and just one errand before I get geared up to travel for just about a week to New Orleans for work. The last time I had a roommate for work ... I had 2 people who hated me for 3 days straight because it turned out that since I had last been their roommate I have taken on a new hobby of snoring.

"If that is what you call that noise that you were making... sounded like a lawn mower running over my head."

In preparation for another roommate I went to Target to purchase some supplies... nose strips to ease the noise and sleeping pills to hopefully knock out anyone in earshot of my lawn mower. I got carded, at Target, to purchase the pills. Who knew?

Who knew that this would be a saving grace.

No ID. No license. But "no worries" I had almost 4 hours to find it... it must be somewhere.

It was nowhere.

I called my manager to give her the "good news" and she said, "you can get on with your passport." Like I could find my valid one? I joked and asked if my expired passport would work, from when I was 10. No dice.

Then she suggested my birth certificate... which I last remember being with my valid passport.

I called the airline to get the next flight out (there were none that day) and told the operator my story. She told me it turns out I don't need my picture identification. A credit card and social security card "should" do the trick. With 14 minutes to go - I took a shower (necessary) and packed everything I own that was clean in 2 bags. Hindsight would tell me I should have packed in ONE bag or put 1/2 work clothes in 1 of the carry ons and 1/2 in the other I would check. Ahhh.... hindsight.

I rush to the airport and go through security. After presenting said credit card & social security card the TSA Agent wants to see everything else that has my name. Ask you and you shall receive! I present my library card, AAA membership (expired), insurance cards... then my expired passport, my social security card with my maiden name AND my picture ID for work. In addition to all of this he needs to see more to see the connection between my last name and maiden name. The piece da la resistance? A copy of a receipt from my ATM showing a check made out to my maiden name cashed into my account with my married name. Success!

Do you feel safe? I got on a plane with this beaut.

But it was time to celebrate!!!!

On the flight and off I went! Even posting on FB success....

ME: Wheels up- bradley. Dulles here I come!!! (have mercy on me it's been a long day already) October 4 at 2:29pm via Facebook for iPhone ·

ME: Hahahahahhahahahahahah. Just got delayed will likely miss my connection flight. Haha? Let's laugh. October 4 at 2:44pm

It went on from there. I was finally able to learn from a United flight attendant who frankly didn't speak English all that well that I would arrive 20 minutes before my connection flight and all she could do is let people know that there are people who are connecting and to stay seated - but I would likely not get out on time. See, I was the very last seat of the plane ... hindsight, there you go again. I was asked if I wanted to bump up for $19 and I thought that was "silly for such a short flight time."

Haha. Silly.

What was silly was me pushing my fat ass out of that flight, down to the shuttle and waiting over 5 minutes for the damn shuttle to go. THEN running my (again) fat ass down concord only to get to my gate and find that "they left" ... oh but the magic of technology would tell me that isn't so. See, I was texting with someone in the flight who was giving me the play by play. I got to my gate BEFORE flight take off time (but after boarding time, to be fair) and BEFORE they shut the door of the cabin but the bastards at the gate told me otherwise. Ahh... how they didn't know I had the power of technology behind me and was texting with a passenger in the plane who was able to confirm they hadn't shut the door yet or geared up to take off.

Fun. I was delayed and didn't leave the airport until 7:30 pm and was made to pay for my own hotel. Shame on United, their horrible customer service and even worse options to make right the situation.

Gah. They lost my luggage even though I was told 3 x in person that my luggage was IN New Orleans and again 2 x when I called in and spoke with a United representative only to find out once in New Orleans that my bag was on it's way... from Dulles. Because according to that person, my bag was pulled. Oh, they had time to pull my bag, but not let me on the flight?

You know, never once, did anyone really even apologize.

I don't know why I even bother.

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