Friday, June 18, 2010

Painters Block

Years ago we bought an outside table.  In my head I had glorious ideas for it. I was going to paint them funky colors, they were going to mismatch but match and I'd be getting fun pillows for them. Grand ideas. 

As many of my grand ideas go, they stay put - and keep each other company going nowhere.  Another HUGE majority of my grand ideas almost get somewhere but I miss the mark. 

Enter my most recent adventure of making things happen.  I finally got up the motivation to pick colors for table and two chairs. I went to several stores and after hours of looking at different combinations a combination came to me - that I couldn't quite put my finger on. It was totally not what I was thinking, but it seemed to "go" together and I thought I'd just try it out. About half way through I realized why it "went" together. 

The freaking primary wheel chart got me again. 

I need to change something - I would prefer to change ONE color but would do all. If I really needed to. Keep in mind this is an outside table so it's not the end of the world but I hate it.  All I can see is the color wheel. No wonder it "went." 

I do not want it all one color (don't now why - I just don't). If I make the blue chair yellow - we're talking Golden Arches here - I could make the yellow chair blue? But should I do that? I need help. Help a sister out.

I should have put it out to a vote before - but now I need some advice. One of these things just don't below


  1. ok, why don't you take the red from the table and maybe do like stripes on the chairs - it doesn't have to be every other board but just to make it seem more cohesive? Then you always can still get funky pillows.

  2. One of my favorite things about your blog, visually, has always been the picture of L on the blue slide with the green crocs and the pink pants. I love the way those colors look together. What if you painted the table that same green and one of the chairs blue and one pink? Or some combination... like the table blue, or the table pink, etc. And you could even buy a stencil with a flower (I sort of invision a hawaiin hiibiscus type) and paint a few white flowers on the table, or maybe one on the seat or the back of the chair.

    Am I making sense or is it all in my head?

  3. Oooh I like both ideas - and Tessa's via facebook. I'm considering all options. Truth be told this weekend it probably isn't going to get done, we have too many plans. Busy people and all but I'm going to sit on it (the ideas, not the table or chairs) and keep you posted!

    Thoughts on: teal-ish blue, keep the table red and go w/a brown on the other chair? Is that crazy talk. I am also considering painting something on there. LOVE the idea of the flower - though I'd have to get a stencil because my artistic skills stop at spray paint. Though thinking a bunch O different things on different parts of the table / chairs. Like a hodge podge of things. Flowers we like (hiibiscus for sure) - perhaps a lilly and words / numbers that are fun / have meaning to us? This is crazy talk. I know. I should have just left the damn thing alone.


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