Friday, June 25, 2010

She's Nothing but Honest

A friend wrote me today commenting on how homegirl is adorable... but she sure does have a naughty look.

Does she ever! Last night - while taking a bath is a perfect example.  L is SUPER independent. She has to do everything herself.  In theory I am a proud mama bear she has this in her spirit - don't get me wrong - but sometimes  mostly it slows down the whole process of what you are trying to do. She likes to wash her own hair - basically we let her futz around and then we tell her we get a  turn. Getting shit done and teaching sharing all at the same time, you can send me your #1 Mother award now.  Really, I'd rather not have a turn but it's that or soap scum hair.  She wouldn't start washing her hair and she wasn't listening - at a certain point in the discussion...

Side note: yes we had a discussion. Don't judge. You try forcing her to do anything.  Go ahead, try it.  It will be mayhem for the rest of the night - unless of course you are Nana Lu.  Her solution involves bribery - currency tic tacs.  My strategy is it is best to just let her think she is in control of her own destiny, when in fact you are really manipulating the situating (insert evil laugh).

Back to tub time,  "L, listen, if you don't wash your hair I'm going to have to do it, OK?" She looks up - dead serious and says... "Mama. I not listening. OK?"

Me, in my head, "No shit."
Me, in reality, "Yeah, I know you aren't listening. Why? We have to get going here, it's getting late."

L "Yeah. I don't know. I no listening. OK. I'm a good girl, but don't want to listen right now." 

Totally seriously. Totally matter of fact. I totally bust out laughing, which tic tac pusher, Nana Lu would frown over.

Naughty girl, indeed.

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