Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's Red on the Washer Machine And My Bunny was Just Shot by an IQ Quiz

I love me some Facebook. I love me some twitter.  They satisfy two different 'zones' for me. Facebook is where most of my friends (and family) are. I suffer through some things in the name of that friendship loyalty.

I don't hide people for telling me color their bra is or where they leave their purse. 
I don't (always) hide your Farmville efforts or who shot who in the mafia (ok I do hide the games - but only that info, I keep you around for the long haul).  I watch the relationship status go back and forth and your up to the minute description of every meal you ate, nap you took or location you are checking into.  I even put up with the unnecessary shirtlessnesses and muscle shots - because damn it. It's your page and you have the right to share what you want. 

Now for all that- I ask one thing of you. Vote for my dang kid and I will ATTEMPT not to make this pimping for votes thing a habit. Here's the reason why you should help a sister out. 

  1. The art? It's hotness. For real, check their work out. 
  2. The team at Modern Bird Studios, spot on.  Husband & wife team that are fraking hilarious. 
  3. Mama wants a piece of art. 
  4. For god sake. Check out the 'official' name of the contest? They speak my language. 

Here's what you do:
  1. Check out their Facebook page and give them a LIKE won't you? Facebook | Modern Bird Studios.
  2. Check out the holiday photo contest and like on this sweet little cherub.
  3. That's it. 

All of the photos are great, I have to say. There are even a FEW that are close contenders to the cuteness that this little girl is giving (OK I'll be honest, I'm scared of a few).  Either way you do have to check out Modern Bird Studios

To be fair and honest I may or may not have used up all my annoying mommy coins in trying to get the kid voted for the Gap Kid Casting Call (my bad) and at times update my Facebook status unnecessarily but hey. No body is perfect. Boom. I've said it. 

What's the wager? How many people on Facebook and Twitter will I 'loose' by pimping out my kid? Ah the causalities of war. 

For the love of Pete. Social Media, don't fail me now. 

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