Saturday, November 13, 2010

Summer Sipper

While I'm not a wine drinker OR a white wine drinker, hofer gruner veltliner wine is the bee's knees. I discovered it, on my way out to pick up some white wine for a Bunko game. It was my first night "out" in my neighborhood (ever) and first night playing Bunko.  Little did I know I would become an old hat at Bunko and spend one night a month getting drunkO at Bunko and loving it. 

Anyway, when I went to this wine shop, down the street from where I live and where I was going I asked for a suggestion. Being a BL girl, I didn't want to get some crap, but also didn't want to break the bank. 

The guy there pointed me to the direction of this delish bottle of wine. Here's all the reasons I love it:

1. The taste. I googled this wine and found the perfect description

Pale champagne color, lots of frizzante, with wild tongue-stinging acidity that has a mouth-tickling Pop Rocks effect. Loads of pear and minerality and hints of citrus. There's ample honey and caramel on the finish. 

To be fair, I'm not 100% what all that means but I love the pop rocks comparison... I might say:

Pale champagne color, delish. Doesn't have that ca ca after taste of desserty wines or water taste of most white wines. Not to many strong tastes all together - except the taste of declious. Also, it is bubbly a bit but not burpy bubbles. 

2. The bottle. It's large and in charge.

3. The top is twist off, bud light style. I like that. 

4. Way affordable. It's like $14 for the big boy, but it's not cheap tasting. 

*No one asked me to write this review, though if anyone wanted to send me bottles of wine, beer or liqueur to review- I wouldn't be against that. 


  1. woman. you've posted like 4 times this november. what up with that? look at you getting all regular with your crazy updates. oh. and i'm going to buy some of this right now.

  2. I don't get it - did I? I didn't mean to if so. Freaking publish vs. schedule! :) What can you do. Except go buy some. If I am saying wine is good, it surely is.


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