Sunday, May 15, 2011

House Hunters: The Impossible Dream

I finally feel like we are in a space to give the update on where we hope to hang our hat.  That said, be sure to note the following should be filed under: if it didn't happen to me, I wouldn't believe it was true.  The week after murphy's law of real estate and our life happened (which was the same week I posted it) we found another house.  "We" being relative; the ball & chain did. He took some pictures (but no way to send them) and told me about it. I looked it up online. There were 4 photos of the place but decided to take a leap of faith so we can have a roof over our head.  Leap of faith and well damn, I'm not into being without a home.  We put in an offer in.  You're thinking to yourself, self, I thought they were renting? We are. That's how STL rolls. 

We got an email from our agent that says she spoke with the agent of the house.  Follow me, won't you? He is the son of the owner - he said based on their conversation his parents will approve us - lease to us.  For some reason, they don't ask us for a rental application, as the others have and instead he has our agent draw up a preliminary lease. The owners and agent will review it and send it back to us with signatures. You're thinking too good to be true? Right? That would be because you are missing out a wee little detail.  All of this happens on Tuesday. The only "thing" is: he won't be able to get to the lease until Monday. A week away. Maybe now you understand why I didn't feel this story could be told as it was happening. He said he was going out of town... which made sense (I guess) because it was the week of Easter. He's celebrating the resurrection of Christ, can't hate on that?   He told our agent "not to worry" and "it will be fine." Um, I'm sorry stranger. A) I didn't realize there was a shotgun rule in real estate. B) Maybe you didn't hear; even when throwing in money, promises, handshakes and applications - we didn't get what we thought we would.  You'll excuse me if I do, in fact, worry. Side note: this is the same week tornadoes touched down in STL, a day after the husband left. Story to come on that, but between having no home and our new home town getting some wreckage due to natural disasters - you can assume we were worried.

We wait the obligatory 6 days and on Monday we follow up with our agent.  Since the ball & chain is traveling (again) it would be easiest to get us to sign things if we are together.  I carefully asked, what's up, without showing my crazy. We get word that they are going to move forward with us.  They have applied and been approved for a leasing contract - because apparently where this house is; you need to be approved to lease the house. Please note, no signatures yet and no money exchanged.  The "thing" is we won't have the lease until the "end of the week."  You're thinking, wait... didn't this part already happen? Turns out the agent wasn't going away last week; he was getting laser eye surgery.  There were complications.

You read that right: we are dealing with an agent that now can't see our lease agreement.
I sent an email to our agent saying something to the effect of - "Obviously we'll deal with health issues.  We hope he recovers without further complications. That said, is there no one that can help?  Do they know we are moving 1/2 across the country? We need to know where we are moving and when quickly. We need to set up the movers, cancel daycare, set up plans for childcare in St. Louis, etc." I did my best to not show all of my crazy, but for real. I get it, he needs to rest his eyes, but we took a leap of faith as it was by not both seeing the house. Waiting on the 'formality' of a contract another week seemed like a little much.  

For once, my crazy worked for us.  We have a house.  They worked it out and got another set of eyes on the lease.  Ba-dum-cha, she's here all week folks. Only for another week or so though; for real.  We are on the move. 

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