Sunday, May 22, 2011

How do YOU feel worse for?


The move dates are set.  A Wednesday coming soon to a calendar week near us a team will come to pack up our stuff. It sounds glorious to have someone do all the dirty work for you. In reality, it's incredibly frustrating because there is nothing I (or anyone) can do to help the process along or make headway. 
On a Thursday they take the boxes out and leave us with only our beds.  Friday they pick up the beds in the morning and poof. We are done.  There will be some minor clean up on aisle Connecticut.  Good news? This house is uber small and we have learned from previous mistakes.  If I could clean & wrap up things with our last place; this time with a professional moving crew coming with 3 days to get it done?  Dreamy.  You know if I am optimistic about a situation, it really can't be that bad.  The ball & chain will not be around for the bulk of all of this; but he will be there on Friday so we're in business.  In fact, we're planning on a movie lunch date and I will be using my Valentine's gift which included a maternity massage (holla) on Friday.

Since the move is initiated by the ball & chain's company the moving process is not only taken care of, but the moving company has to take care of everything.  If we get in the way or pack anything we loose our insurance on the move.  Basically, if we get in the way, we trip up the process.  We (I) have to stay out of the way.  I can (and will) be making sure they are labeling the boxes right and not just throwing stuff in the boxes haphazardly, but other than that - hands off.  There will be a lot to laugh at, I'm sure - but who do you feel worse for?


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My sanity: Everyone around us - friends, family, even L's friend's parents want to help.  It sounds like an easy request, but there is nothing that needs to or can be done. The only thing that needs help? My sanity and patience. I just want this to be over, be there and get settled.  The countdown is worse than the move, I tell you what. 

Everyday one of us fields a call or email to see what can be done to help.  I know each "How can I help?" comes from a good place and we appreciate being as loved as we are, but for real: nothing can be done but wait.  Why wouldn't we take people up on their offers? I wish we had something for someone to do.  Scratch that, I wish I had something to do!  All we can do is wait.

L: Poor kid. On a Wednesday she will leave for school and have a 'normal' house.  She will go about her day, having fun at what she doesn't really understand will be her last day at school, ever (ok fine, not ever ever, but this school - ever).  She will come home and EVERYTHING will be a box.  The next day she will leave her house, full of boxes, and return to empty rooms with the exception of our beds.  Side note: what in the what are we going to do that night? Bananas.

The kid is going to stay in school until the Friday of move week.  The most important reason is we want her to have consistency (while she can).  Everyone has offered to take her, come and hang out with her, set up play dates, and more.  The crazy train is about to crash into our little girl's life.  We'd like to delay the arrival for as long as possible.  The solution? Finish out a week at school.  Bonus? It will keep her occupied and me free to work with the packing crew. 
Which brings me to the final contestant in the 2011 addition of "Who is Doomed?" contest.

The crew: We can't do much to prepare but I can keep the packers (packing team not football team) from throwing random things in boxes and keeping everything well organized up to my OCD ways.  They are going to love me. And through it all? No safety net (for the packing team).  The ball & chain is traveling.  When he is around, he balances my crazy.  Alas the moving crew has to deal with me (and pregnant me) all alone.  My husband keeps saying he feels SO bad (for me) that I have to do it all alone.  Do what? Personally I am concerned about the strangers that are going to do all of the work AND have to deal with me!

Who do YOU feel worse for?

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