Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Marcia Lucian- a peaceful man

L, "Mommy. We learned about an important man today. It's his birthday."
Me, "Who did you learn about?"
L, {struggling} "Marcia Lutherin."
Me, "Who?"
L, {struggling} "DOCTOR Martha LuciaKing JUNIOR."
Me, "Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr?"
L, "That's what I said."
Me, "Ok. What did you learn?"
L, "He was a peaceful man. He was a good man. He told the people, 'you better be nice!' Some people didn't like what he said. They shot him."
Me, {not quite ready for that} "Well. I mean, yes. Hmm."L, "Don't worry. If you want to see him, we have a picture of him in my classroom. And I have his head on a stick, in my backpack pack."

Let's review: Marica Luther, a peaceful man told the people to be nice. Then killed. Now on a stick in my kid's backpack.

Freaking Kindergarten.

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