Sunday, January 13, 2013

week 2

2/52. The second week of 2013 seemed to work out better for this girl, than the first. Slightly. 

Old Maid. It's a sickness.
Remember the time I tore apart the house looking to put this little
bastard away with the Christmas decoration... that was fun. 
January: when we learned if it isn't raining in Cleve, it's snowing.
Baby's first basketball game.
We found out? Our babies. They likey the basketball. Big.Fans.

The blur on my back? A protesting basketball fan - she didn't want to leave.
My guy. Doing jazz hands.
It's.Not.Raining.OR.Snowing. We venture out.
"Oh, this is the outside that you speak of." - JJ.
Hermitting it since we moved to this place. 
So HAPPY to be outside.
Getting our creative on.

"It's a hotel." - socialite L
Week 2 highlights:
  • It snowed. Like always. And by always I mean: if it isn't raining, it's snowing up in here. We played. With sand toys. Mission to give my kid the impression I am a genius, complete.
  • Inside activities include: cleaning, organization, and Old Maid. SO.MUCH.OLD.MAID.
  • The ball&chain got tickets to a Cleveland Cavaliers game. They play basketball, yeah. I had to Google that. Interesting fact: my kids are major basketball fans. Major.
  • The snow (and rain) stopped for a few short days, and we made the most of it. Our weekend activities included family walks, playing at the playground and building a box hotel empire. As you do.  
Not pictured: 

JJ has not been sleeping through the night. She wakes up anywhere in-between 4am - 5am. It's as fun as it sounds. Then, once she wakes up and we give in to bring her into bed with us she chooses to sleep one of two ways. Both equally as terrible:
  • The H position: the ball&chain and I are both sides of a capital H. JJ? She's the middle, horizontal where we are vertical. Smallest one in the bed, taking up the most space. 
  • The caddy cornered: the ball&chain sleeps comfortably (when not kicked in the face on her trip to caddy cornered position). The baby creeps up to the top left of the bed (my side) and sleep diagonal at the corner of the bed, thus "caddy cornered." This pushes me to the bottom of the bed, where I (try to) sleep like a dog would.  At the foot of the bed. 

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