Sunday, January 6, 2013

week 1

After a successful 365 project each day I still feel equal parts: relief that I don't have to post a photo and sadness because the kickass-ness of having a place to see just a few photos throughout the year is over. I mean, really. Click here and press shuffle. What fun (maybe it's just me). Each week, I'll sum up the week in photos - mostly Instagram & iPhone. Nothing too fancy, but it tells our story in a quick soundbite. Visual bite, as it were.

  • We went to Pittsburgh for New Years Eve, as you do. 
  • We saw the sites of Pitts: like the Ikea, old friends, Children's Museum & First Night.
  • We took the tree down and all of the trimmings... but couldn't find a wise man & reindeer. 
  • We cleaned the house as it never has been cleaned... only to "never" find the wise man or reindeer.
  • Until days later the little bastards show up. 
  • I took the kid to school, but there was still no school. That day? Definition of shit show.
  • 2013 - 1, me - 0

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