Monday, March 25, 2013

iPod Survives Child's Independence: Story at 8

The kid came into the living room yesterday... saying the iPod was acting strange. The app pictures were turning white. Upon inspection, I took it from her... realizing it was soaking wet. I asked, "What happened? Why is it wet?" She said, "It was messy. So I cleaned it." 

Rest, dear iPod. Rest.
I am torn in trying to figure out, was I more impressed with her independence or my ability to stay calm?

As we raced around finding rice to put in a bag to dry it out -the ball & chain and I  asked, almost in unison, "Did you put it UNDER water or just rinse it a little with water?" She looked at us - looking for the right answer... "A little of both."

An overnight in a bag of rice and the iPod works fine. The app pictures are still white but the rest works fine.  My girl, Miss Independent... and still an iPod owner. Lucky duck.

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