Monday, March 4, 2013

The Children's Museum: Cleveland

We've been to more Children's Museum than my 21 year-old self would ever imagine being to. Boston, Connecticut, St. Louis, Pittsburgh and now Cleveland.

What's not to love:
  • The cost. As with all things around here, the Cleve could take a page from the Lou. Lower costs, please sir. For the 4 of us it was just about $30. For the amount of space they offer, this wasn't the best value. Note to self: look at family membership costs before only buying a day pass. This was a rookie mistake.
  • It's not that big. There are only 4 rooms to explore. 
  • Surprisingly it isn't 100% beast proof. I mean, I know we have some special challenges with the beast JJ, but there were a lot of random little holes that as the beast she would walk across bridges and walk ways she could (and did) fall into them.
What's to love:
  • There is a level of desperation of things to do during the winter, I would imagine especially. This is a great option, once you get the yearly membership. 
  • Free parking. On the "take a page from the Lou" thought - there isn't always free parking for places and this place has it. 
  • It doesn't take forever to get there, from where we are. 15 minutes, this is pretty much the unicorn of Cleveland. Highly desirable, magical and never seen. 
  • It isn't a zoo. And I love the zoo here, but it wasn't mobbed with people - which a lot of the Children's Museums we have been to, typically are. 
  • The exhibits they do have, are nice.
    • SANDasaurus: basically a floor filled with sand. There were dinasour dig sites and sand for as far as the eye could see. The kids loved it and we found a group of kids to play with. We hid dinasour eggs for groups of kids and played for (what felt like) hours having them dig for dinasour eggs. There was a map for dig sites, that when the kids dug they would find fossils. Much fun. 
    • Big Red Barn: A play farm that is small enough for the babe. Too small for the big kid, but she did a great job helping her little around. 
    • Splish! Splash!: Water room. Enough said. They had "rain coats" to keep the kids dry, FYI that didn't work. We decided to leave the sand pit for last... after getting soaked in the water room? Wasn't our brightest moment. 
    • Bridges to Our Community: A miniature village / town / city complete with: a two story house, different rooms including bedrooms & kitchens, dress up, with details down to ironing stations. Bus rides, a grocery store, hospital, bank & cafe. Super cute. This, however, is where there seemed to be baby sized man holes to fall into. The name including "bridges" but underneath the bridge? Areas to fall into.
We'll go back. It's certainly going to be useful for the loads of crappola days we have.  Have I mentioned how lovely it is to be able to get there quickly? Beyond being as impatient as I am (and I am), the beast hates to be in the car.  The sooner we can guarantee she'll be out on the loose - the better it is for all of us.

We'll be back, Children's Museum, If for no other reason to get in some more cowbell.

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