Tuesday, April 2, 2013

PSA: Finding Nemo gives mothers a moment.

The picture with L & Marlin was better,
what can I say. Trust me, she loved Nemo, most.
When the kid was a baby, as our baby is now, the first movie  she loved was Finding Nemo. I don't remember her calling it anything special, but we knew she loved it. Or at least we thought she did. When she was three, she got to stand by Nemo and was enamored.

We thought what they had was love, but what JJ has with Nemo is special. It is quite literally the only movie, thing, activity, noise, anything that will stop her in her tracks. It is the only thing she will sit and watch. Therefore, I watch it daily. In the mornings, before work, while I shower. Nemo. After work, while I'm making dinner. Nemo. Even if I'm not the one making dinner and mommy just needs a minute. Nemo.

I love the movie for those reasons, and more. No, of course I like Nemo. It's because I like Nemo, I don't want to be with him every day. It's a complicated... emotion.

If that sounded familiar, it was reworked from the movie. I watch the thing so much I look for someone in my life to chant Shark-bait, HOO-HA-HA! with. Or grab shell, dude! Righteous!!! RIGHTEOUS!!! When I'm thinking "Find a happy place! Find a happy place! Find a happy place!" it's straight to Nemo I go. Or Chico, Fabio, Bingo, little Harpo or Elmo. As JJ calls him, Neeemie. 99% of this paragraph? Quotes from the movie... don't mind me. Isn't there another way? He's JUST a boy!

OK. Now I'm done. It's on a continuous loop on our TV and my mind.

It's totally normal to squeal like a tween (in the 90s and/or a woman in her 30s) at a New Kids on the Block concert when you find out there will be a sequel to an animated movie, right? Cause I did. Truth. Is it the story? Is it the funny weaved within the smart dialogue? Is it that there isn't a ton of violence? (Minus the usual Disney kills the mother scenario... seriously, Disney/Pixar what's up?) Is it the characters? The voices? The whole package? OR is it just the simple hypnotic silence bliss that I can find when it's on? It's a movie that the baby can watch and the kid can enjoy. Ahhh... something for everyone.

A friend said something that rang true. Probably the most valuable piece of advice another mother has ever given me - so I pass it along to you.

Nemo is the gateway movie.

Gateways have never been so good. Are you a mother? Know someone who is about to be? Get them Finding Nemo, for those moments where Mommy just needs a minute.


Because when it's over? Good feeling's gone.

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  1. You know I love this post!!! We have already moved on to Cars but Nemo did provide those much needed quiet moments that can only be provided to a second born by watching it. PS I'm honored to be given a shout out. Woot!!


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