Wednesday, May 15, 2013

"I know the D word."

L, "I know the D word, but don't worry. I won't say it."
Me, "Ok, that sounds like a good plan."
L, "But I know it. I just won't say it. It's a very bad word."
Me, "Ok."
L, "I won't ever say it, the D word."
Me, "Do you want to say it? Do you want to tell me what it is?"
L, "No no I won't say it, it's the worst word, the D word."
Me, "How do you know the D word?"
L, "Brian told me. At school, the very bad D word."
Me, "Ok. Well, I feel like you want to tell me this word. Say it, just this once to tell me what it is."
L, "Ok, if you want me to. But it's a very bad word. The D word."
Me, "No, I get it. Say it once, if you want, whisper into my ear - but never say it again. Deal?"
L, "Ok. The very bad, the worst D word? It's dang."

Meanwhile? I say dang on the regular.

Mom of the Year - 2013.

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