Friday, May 17, 2013

No iPad = apocalyptic reality

We have an iPad. Sometimes Most times, the kids use the iPad more than the adults to. The truth is, I have an iPhone & a laptop - so the iPad doesn't really do it for me. I know, tough life. As I type this out I realize how ridiculous all of it sounds. But it's our blessed reality.  When I need to keep JJ awake in the car, as I'd rather her nap in bed verses a quick cat nap in the car, I bring the iPad. She won't fall asleep, she'll play or watch a movie. I did this the other day. Then this happened and I realized I may be relying on technology too much.

L, "But if JJ has the iPad, what am I supposed to do?"
Me, "Sing songs, look out the window, close your eyes... want me to keep going?"
L, {insert stereotypical whiny voice you are imagining} "But I don't have anything to do! It's not fair!!"
Me, "Are you serious? You are whining about not playing with an iPad? {insert stereotypical 'when I was your age tone' you are imagining} When I was your age, we didn't have iPads. We didn't have cell phones. We didn't have iPods."
L, "Wait. What? No phones?"
Me, "Well, we had phones, but they had cords and they were only in your home."
L," Wait. What? Did you have music???"
Me, "Yes, we had music! But it was on the radio or tape cassettes. Not CDs, not until I was older. No DVDs, no list of movies on the TV to pull from. Just VHS tapes, like the ones Nana Lu has?"
L, "Wait. What? {Mind is blown each time I explain what we didn't have}

I went through and told her how we didn't have computers, like we do now. She started to think about all the things she has or knows now and trying to figure out if I had it. Like toys.

"No, we played with only sticks and dirt."

{horrifying silence}

"I'm kidding, we had toys. They weren't the same as your toys - sometimes they were better, sometimes yours are better. It depends."

"Did you have ..." and she proceeds to ask at different times the following because without iPads or cell phones we must not have the following:
  • Banks
  • Stores
  • Police men
  • Playgrounds
  • Lights (as in electricity, people)
  • Cars
Man, this game is fun. And yes, as my child started to wonder the reality I lived through I wished we had two iPads.

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  1. Omg. I have this same conversation with Luke every time we get in the car! I'm the meanest mom b/c he has "nothing to do!!!" when I don't give him my phone to play with. Glad I'm not the only one!! ;-)


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