Thursday, April 10, 2008

AA- 1 JG - 0

Several weeks ago, a dear ol'friend of mine asked, if I'd be the point person for transportation and flights for a meeting she was planning. She can't be everywhere and speak to everyone and a logistics sidekick (read: bitch) would be helpful. Sure- but of course.

Do we call t.o.d. on the friendship, not likely.

It'll be no problem, what could go wrong? OH so much. The very same day as we attempt to get out the key players to the meeting (over 1/2 of the staff support) is the very same day that AA decides it's time to do a safety check to 2500 planes. No big thing. Also, 200 some-odd field staff gear up to set to flight as well, but not everyone was able to get rebooked. What can you do?

Ultimately did disaster strike? Not really but it goes to show you whenever I get involved with travel it isn't a smooth ride. We should have known better. My flight was supposed to leave this morning, it hasn't. I'm off tomorrow (allegedly) at 7:50 am. We'll see. I'm not flying on AA, but anything could happen and it usually does.

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