Monday, April 14, 2008

AA- 2 JG-0

Made it to stupid Santa Fe with out incident, if you call a 5 hour lay over in Denver with out incident. I guess I shouldn't complain because unlike many a friend I have... I didn't have to go to Target for an emergency panty run cause the stupid airlines lost my bags (twice). On the way back I was convinced I had yet another sabbatical in another city, Chi-town to be exact. I decided to pass on a quick lunch in favor of being able to sit down. It took at least an extra 10 minutes to get off the plan since I was seated in the lavatory. I took a quick look at my next boarding pass and nothing clicked. Nothing clicked when I asked what time it was.

5:15 pm

5:15 pm...

I said out loud, could my flight be in 15 minutes? Why yes it could... I was immediately ordered to RUN! And off I ran - until my trunk of legs couldn't run no more. I was tailing a colleague of mine but eventually I told her to save herself and go.

As I ran terminals through the traffic of Chi-town I couldn't help but think two things.

1) I hate American. Something serious. These bastards have to f'ing kidding me thinking that this connection is legit. Bull.
2) Mama needs to go on a diet, my trunks started burning I thought my calves were going to bust out of my jeans. I couldn't help but feel like I was on a the Biggest Loser and chances are my name was going to be under that platter was good.

I eventually got to the plane, with no time to spare. No time, no lunch - turned into no dinner. I had a book, which I finished and ready Sky Mall. Twice.

The flight gets there on time and we are of course made to wait because we 'took them by surprise.' How is that? Don' t you have to call it in when you land a plane? I practically run people over to get home, I miss that babe of mine. The entire weekend I was weepy and missing her. In the airports there were babies EVERYWHERE. Every other person was pushing, lifting, carrying or hugging on a baby. At one point I figured if I needed to grab one for a quick cuddle no one would be the wiser. I'm pretty sure an orange alert went out about me. Every kid that passed by I stared down. Is it a boy or girl? What is his name? How much does she weigh? Is he eating solids? What kind? Look at that hair! What a cute stroller! How old do you think she is? Babies would cry and I would wince - I missed the kid something serious.

I came home, rush up the stairs excited because it's 9:30 and she is usually still up... out of breath (see prior reference for the need to shed lbs) and anxious to see my offspring and I hear silence.

She's sleeping.
KO'd and out for the count.

I hate traveling.

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