Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Oil Change

This past weekend was the long awaited and highly anticipated Blessed Event... L's baptism. OH Holy Night.

Like all of our trips to NY we learned a few things...
  • No description can ever meet the reality of meeting family for the first time.
  • Having a cake is a necessary part of the sacrament of baptism.
  • For a bargain price of $15 you can get 10 lbs of frosting and 2 inches of cake- it's delicious affordable and you know Jesus was smiling since he too had cake at his Baptism.
  • Costco doesn't open until 10am, the masses start lining up at 9:40am. And grandmas will break a hip (yours) if you get in the way.
  • You should never put a flight of stairs between people and their food.
  • Strangers are the spice of life.
  • It's dark in Piermont, NY. Very dark. The mass at the church had a Priest who had an accent and the only things we took away from the service was that people burned alive in a car and several were shot (or left in a lot, we are unsure the details).
  • Print directions. Even for those that have a GPS systems and even if the next destination is .2 miles down the same road.
  • A proven anti-theft system is use larger than life objects.
  • Our Priest continues to have wacka-do phrases and it's getting worst. Like receiving her Baptism is like an oil change- it helps to keep the car running smoothly.
Mainly it's clear everyone is shocked that we've managed to keep L alive for the last 6 months.

"What'd you do to the baby?"
"Why is the baby crying? She never cries."
"Is the baby hungry?"
"Are you spoiling the baby?"
"Why are you spoiling the baby?"
"Will the baby be cold?"
"Should you put the baby in a coat?"
"Is the baby going to be cold?"
"Why is the baby cranky?" (the answer was she was getting sick)
"She's not sick." (she had a fever and the beginnings of a runny nose, also she had her 6 month shots the day before.)
"Why'd you get the shots yesterday? Why didn't you plan it differently?"

Meanwhile, sick people kissed up on the child... let's see... is she going to get a cold wrapped in a blanket OR by being slobbered on by an already sick person? I think even Jamie Lynn Spears will know the answer to this question.

One of my favorite "WHO ASKED YOU?" moments was when someone asked, "Are you going to take that binky out of her mouth? You can't even see her face." Keep in mind, the binky was completely clear. I take the bink out and L proceeds to SCREAM as if I pulled off her finger. I turn and ask (a stranger), "Can I put it back in now?" I did and like magic she played on.

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