Monday, May 5, 2008

Countdown TIME

That's right - it's time for another highly anticipated countdown. A countdown to falling in love, a countdown to hot nights, to crying babies and difficult travels. A vacation countdown! HOORAY. In 4 glorious nights we will be arriving to Aruba. People have actually asked me if I was nervous -due to the unfortunate missing teenager a few years ago? It's like the name thing, when people insist on saying silly things about the names you have already chosen for your child. Why say that? I am not nervous, it turns out because I'm pretty sure L won't be going out with unsavory locals or other kids her ago - turns out she won't be drinking or unsupervised in a club. Instead we plan to have nap time in the sand and breakfast at the swim up bar. Aruba here we come! In addition to being able to go on vacation for a week, but we are traveling in style. Business class travelers and first class citizens be warned, C bumped our seats up so we are going to be sitting right next to you with a fabulous vocal 7 month old. Holla.

Ha! People are worried about the one kidnapping that happened in the country - what about the passengers in the the sky? And I thought the people on trains shot death rays when they spotted a baby. Here's to hoping that baby girl naps in route!

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