Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Stupid Sweeps

While I ordinarily do not comment on TV - I have to say the strike really pissed me off - then the shows come back for like 2 weeks and now they are gone again. I mean, shouldn't the writers have to make up some weeks or something? Like when you use too many snow days in school, you have to make up time in the summer. I'm just saying. The worst part has been the finales have been so so. With the exception of Gossip Girl. That's right I heart that show, I can own it.

Take Grey's - I've been less than luke warm on that show than I care to admit but was hoping to love the 'love' at the end of the season like all the dang commercial promised. While I understand this show was last week - I realized today (because I'm still angry about what is to come) that I haven't publicly commented.

Seriously -here's the thing. YOU KNOW that come August- a FULL month before the show comes back they are going to loop the part where Derek is handing Whinymeredith the bottle of champagne saying "I'll be right back" it'll be on a loop... and then some kind of voice over that says... IN THE FIRST 5 MINUTES LIFE WILL BE ALERTED FOR THE DOCTORS AT SEATTLE GRACE, FOREVER.

Spoiler alert...

With in the first 5 minutes as Whinymeredith explains love - true love BAM it's going to be one of those f'd up car accident scenes where you jump out of your chair watching him getting slammed into a mac truck and he'll have no clue who the love of his life is... until May sweeps week 09.

XOXO Guarro Girl

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