Sunday, July 20, 2008

Better Out than In

This past weekend marks the 42 week mark - she's been out longer than she was in - which if you remember was almost 2 weeks after the 40 week 'usual' preggers period. Back in the diz-aye many a fool told me - better in than out. I still maintain this isn't the case - even with the whining, the crying, the five alarm diaper changes, and curious paws - the mayhem and madness is always beat out. I realized how I haven't been writing regularly lately.

It could be because I'm exhausted. I'm working long hours and when I'm not working I'm hanging with the babe. Not a whole lot of time to do anything else. It could also be because she's got curious paws so she loves to jump onto the computer pad or bend back the screen. My last computer was laid to rest a few short months ago - I do not want my beautiful new and fabulous 'top to meet an untimely death. It's probably because I do much better complaining and I don't have much to complain about - not much at all. I would love to win the lotto and be a full time lady of leisure. I would love to spend more time with C & L. Over all though not much to complain about at all.

L makes herself laugh now. She cracks herself up. She responds to Willy - our name for her - for her alter ego when she's doing things she knows she shouldn't. She clicks her tongue, claps her hands, makes Indian calls and smiles on cue. We still get stopped and told what a doll we have. She grabs on so hard sometimes it hurts and will lay on you - and just hang. She never really did that before. She tickles (which is really just painful pinching - but it's adorable) and gives zerberts. True story. She's more fun every single day - much better out than in.

Next week is different - next week I'll be complaining all day everyday. C is going to NJ for the week - and it's single parent time for yours truly. I guess in those moments when I'm alone for days it might be easier being in than out. Not better though.

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