Monday, July 21, 2008

Single Parenthood: Mayhem Guaranteed!

As predicted - single parenthood guarantees ridiculousness. It all started this morning, upon leaving for work and noticing the yellow caution tape tying off an apartment or two. I, of course, immediately assume murder... turns out just a roof collapse. The crew actually tied off the wrong apartment staircase - not our apartment but the one right next to us. Which means for the babe, Cat & Abelle it's banging, barking and fumes all day. Thanks rain.

Due to the fumes the babe couldn't really nap - because they were apparently laying roofing all day - and the smell was coming into her room and she wouldn't settle down anywhere else. I race home with only one minor potential car wreck or red light run to try to make it home at a reasonable time. Upon arriving I hear the wonderful news that L is so freaking tired she can barely keep her eyes open - or is it the fumes?* I begin dinner and realize I'm screwed. I had to call C for some direction because I can't boil water anymore. I'm spoiled. I'm spoiled, I'm hungry, an exhausted child and a constantly barking dog (roof work).

I got through 3/4 of dinner when L had a meltdown so I had to stop cooking, finish feeding her and get her up to bath time - which she always cheers up for. I get the tub running, the sink filling up with warm water to heat up her bottle - and check my email. Return a few emails, instant messages - and to keep the kid busy I'm throwing her toys out of sight and playing a fun little game of fetch. What. I'm a single mother trying to make a living. Don't judge. It's not like I'm turning tricks.

I go to change the kid -and smell notice it wouldn't be kosher to change her on the bed. I guess I could be thankful for that - except when I got back to bathroom to start the bath time there was a pool waiting for me. Yup- the sink overflowed.

I made my way through the house like a tornado - at the end of the night it looked like it got robbed. I flooded the bathroom and still didn't eat. I miss C - like the way he makes me laugh or loves us....

F it. Let's be honest. I miss the way he cooks dinner or cleans up. The way he makes L a bottle or does bath time - cause we take turns one of us does one or the other all alone is for suckers.

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