Monday, July 28, 2008

Willy Wonka Walks

2 things - Willy as I have been calling her, last story aside, is L's alter ego. It started when she was doing something that she shouldn't have been doing - like pulling plugs out or trying to push over the plasma (we should start a poll seeing where the bets land for how long the TV is going to last). A little "WILLY NO!" stops her in her tracks and usually begins a fake water works session. Since the little bugger has been getting into more than we can handle I should formally take back my Ellie declaration - because Willy is usually what we call her around here, but I digress.

Willy took her first step tonight!!!

Now there is a great possibility that this was not the first official step - as it is with in the realm of possibility that one of the better qualities of the Cat is she will keep this kind of secret from me - not to take away from the big moment. I couldn't tell because I was so overcome with happiness and surprise that as soon as she made the step and a half I screamed like a banshee - with that she stopped dead in her tracks. I got her back up and taking a step and a half again. Again I screamed and clapped - and once again she sat down. She went ahead and clapped along with me but would not for anything get back up and trigger those screams again. Tomorrow is a new day. My baby is starting to walk - can you believe that sht? Just another thing to get the tears going - the sappiness just doesn't quit.

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