Saturday, April 4, 2009

Drunk Dialing

Remeber drunk dialing? Most commonly tied to booty calls but not linked exlusively to one another. The night before last I started to get increasingly frequent texts from Kim. She is making an appearance, north of the boardersnd visiting our ol'stomping grounds. All of a sudden it went radio silence, and off to sleep I went until the texting returned. This time, however, Kim had another friend, Matt do her bidding. It's midnight and I am a clear victim of drunk texting. Truth be told I was up anyway, and texting is one thing....

Then the phone rang. It was that time of the night we have likely all been at. I could hear the cars in the street, people piling out of the bar and Kim's words piggybacked into one another that most people wouldnt understand. I speak kim so I got the jest of what she was saying. Love was flowing to me and to her boys of yore, suggesting plans that were not realistic in hopes to secure my participation in the weekend ahead. I got drink dialed, and while it wasn't a booty call, it was equally as hilarious. Not do hilarious is the day that followed. I'm too old to be the phone until close to one and off to work in the morning. Way too old.

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