Friday, April 10, 2009

Small Person Big Life

I'm consumed with so much about Maddie's story. There has been an out pouring of love, prayers, thoughts, efforts ... it's crashed websites, raised awareness and sparked participation in walks across the country. The original Maddie team has raised almost 40K (to date) while thousands more has been raised in her name with walks happening across the country. The whole Internet is purple. Purple hats & blankets are being knit for NICU babies across the country and some moms are delivering a Parent's Survival Kit for NICU parents. People are wearing purple, changed blogs purple and hundreds of avatars on twitter purple. It's a beautiful testament to the power of love and people. I know Maddie's Mom & Dad will hold her in their hearts forever. . and as much as all of the support, love and prayers are over whelming it will never be enough.

This kind of tragedy as awful as it is, every second of it, makes me appreciate time with my family, my friends and my beloved wee one; every second of it. I keep coming here to write about our Easter weekend or L's new found love for shoes. My pride in her love for flops and horror for her passion for heels. I have videos & pictures of her new passions as well as her new hobby of strip teasing upon waking up.

Right now though I can't get into all that, because I'm thinking of a mom who could have been me and Dad who could just as well be C who lost the love of their life. What can you do for someone you don't know but consumes you? I'm continuing to send love, peace & a little bit of awareness.

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