Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sticking My Toes In

I have a group of friends (chosen family) who, back in the day, when we went out to eat I'd be at the place that boasted the largest choice of beers on tap (but no bud light, go figure). We'd order the same thing and pregame before our meal. Or we wouldn't eat out at all and get grub delivered at places that we could see from our porch. Sad, but true. Bar crawls, a power hours, flip cups, oh my.

I still have that group but oh how the dynamics have changed. Today an E of E2 said, "Pretty soon we will be out numbered." Watching us grow and change is like watching a wonderful and fakcakaed movie. If we lived closer and could see each other more frequently I'm fairly certain my head with implode, mostly because it feels like the world's axis has been put on it's head.

Today, as we met for a quick lunch, at a chain restaurant with balloons on the ceiling, crayons given with the menus and so noisy the volume is at a screaming loud level. There were things that weren't different. We were loud enough to compete with the noise level and we ate like we were in an eating competition. This time we had to juggle kiddie menus and baby food with it all, but we handled it like champs. It's how we do.

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