Thursday, April 30, 2009

True Story

Last week I was in LA for work. There are so many stories as to the weekend, this one will likely not be believed but it is a true story, true story.

Sunday after a ringer of a week, while Murphy's Law ran it's course through my life as it typically does I sought solace in a conversation
with my beloved. Before I left for my phone pacing a friend passed me a chocolate bar and said, "While I can't give you a raise, I'll give you $100,000." And off she passed me a delicious candy bar, 100 Grand.

As I talked to my baby's daddy I unwrapped the deliciousness that was my chocolate bar and continued on with my laps around the hotel's front drive way and realized hunger was setting in. Luckily I had a candy bar to save the day. I dug out the 100 Grand and began to go to town as I recounted the last few days to C. As I chomped on the melting chocolate in the heat and flubbed around the fountain in the front of the hotel I looked over to my right only to see who? The person no one wants to see as you chomp down on big ol'candy bar.

Bob Harper

Clear as day. The Biggest Loser was taping in our hotel for a few days, and of course at that very moment I had to get caught out for my dirty little secret.

In his car, waiting for someone as I crunched on my chocolate bar with it melting and the wrapper peeled down over my hands, there sat Bob the trainer. Kicked while down, I saw Bob and I will never eat another chocolate bar again*

*in LA where I might run into a trainer from TV.

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