Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Visiting, Crying & Freaking

Last month we had a very special visit from our home state friends & foreign nationals - the Geer & Kelusky bambini came to visit - and while moms were more than thrilled to be reunited once again, L has a distance for sharing and all things Canadian. I think it's more of a sharing thing then a nationality thing - but why not make her ridiculous funny?

It was a bit more than painful for me to deal with her whining, bad manners and freak outs- but it was worth it to see everyone! At this point, the apartment was not even CLOSE to being somewhat done and our backyard was a bit of a construction zone- but we made due.

Funny quote of the day - in retelling a story of ColeBG & his cousin's potty training (GOD I need to get on that) the following was said....

Noah & Cole (cousins & besties) go into the bathroom together, as they leave Noah runs to his Mom to tell her big news.

"Mommy, MY penis is much larger than ColeBG's penis." - Cousin (2 y/0)
"Liza, is that TRUE?!" - Liza's baby daddy. (28 y/o)

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